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Innovative Business Decisions, LLC (IBD) is your complete Internet and web design solution to your web needs. We offer comprehensive solutions to common issues facing businesses and organizations.

Face it... to thrive as a business or organization, you need to have some presence on the Internet. With the number of possible clients that are introduced to the Internet everyday, and those who have found it a fact of everyday life for years, having a web presence just makes good sense. The web is the fastest and least expensive way to let customers, clients, and your membership know more about you and your services.

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Innovative Business Decisions, LLC
Durham, North Carolina

IBD was created with our clients in mind... to provide professional web design and Internet service to every business and organization, regardless of its size. We offer professional web design at affordable prices. There are no template designs... each site is custom designed according to your specifications. From design to hosting, we provide solutions for you.

The IBD concept was developed in the early-90s at the pinnacle of web development. From the first site that we developed, our philosophy has not changed, and our clients appreciate it. Our mission is to provide real solutions for your business or organization.

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