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IBD specializes in providing our clients with professional internet solutions and web design to its clients and to their particular target audience. In doing so, it is imperative that both the designers at IBD and our clients have a clear understanding of what is expected.

When beginning a a project, I am almost always asked "How long will it take to create a website for my business?"

There are many factors involved in develop ing a thorough and informative website. Both sides must be prepared with information and materials to bring a complete internet solution to life. Proper planning should include a budget, design requirements, identification of the target market, high quality images, complete and edited content and text, and finally, a deadline, or certainly a timeline of achievable goals for the project. Any site started without atleast the most rudamentary elements of these items will face almost certain doom.

Take the time to get it right.

Things To Consider

Do you have a domain name? If not, do you have ideas on one? If so, what are they?

What is your company name? Do you want to use the entire name on the site, logo, and graphics?

Do you have special features in mind like ECommerce shopping cart, BLOG, RSS, Forms with emails, EZine, Newsletter signup, autoresponders, advertising landing/call-to-action pages, etc.?

What are your website expectations, main emphasis and primary goals - increased sales, increased leads, etc.? Please prioritize.

How do you plan to market the website?


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